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VoxVote - The Voice of Your Audience,

VoxVote is a Dutch company founded in 2013, specialized in audience response systems. You can vote anonymous during seminars, conferences, colleges, training or any other kind of presentation. With one simple motto: Keep it simple. We believe in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), the future is webvoting.
Founding father of VoxVote is Vincent van Witteloostuyn, 20 years’ experience in data collecting and market research. Headquarters is in the Breda, in the south of the Netherlands, and research and development is done in Chandigarh India, you can read more about the coding ninja's on our team page.

VoxVote is unlimited and free to use for your first 10 events, where you can ask 10 questions per event. And if you want more, you can buy more credits that will never expire, for a price that can't be compared to others in the market. We are 80% cheaper compared to other suppliers, and 500% cheaper than renting clickers or other voting hardware.  (Stemkastjes, abstimmanlagen, voting boxes).
Vincent, internet veteran, started VoxVote, his 2nd startup after 12 years working within the 2nd largest market research company of the world (GfK - Grow from Knowledge), so he knows everything about security, reporting and interview techniques. VoxVote combines the best possible features you can imagine in an audience response system, and we are proud to offer a  unique feature: The event summary with all voting results that the speaker can sent to all participants.

Name history.

Vox has many meanings, but all sound, voice, vote related. Vox Populi is a Latin phrase that literally means voice of the people. In broadcasting, Vox Populi is an interview with members of the general public. And a combination of interviewing and voting results in the VoxVote name. We have nothing to do with brown animals ‘The Fox’ or the FOX network, we are VoxVote with a V. This V can also be found in the initials of our founder Vincent – VvW – and are integrated in our logo as well.

Platform overview.

The VoxVote platform is freely available for end users who are in the audience.
And for speakers on stage, we have the interactive designer for managing events and editing the questions. We call it VaaS - Voting as as Service

VoxVote – The Voice of Your Audience

Vincent van Witteloostuyn

contact Vincent on twitter @vincent_voxvote

For quiz results, or other VoxVote functions an optional name is required. You can change it anytime when it's not locked or set by your event host.